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Happy 6th Version

Our 6th major release of Weight Diary has just hit the app store. The app has been updated for iOS 10 and we have added some great new features.

First there is an automatic backup feature that backs up your weight data to iCloud Drive. We will keep up to seven of your most recent backups so you can rest assured your data is safe in the Cloud and can be accessed from any other device easily. You can also manually backup and restore your data from iCloud Drive.

We also added the ability to set a custom starting weight. You simply choose the date that you want to start from and the total loss/gain calculations will be calculated from your chosen date.

Rounding out the new features is the ability to see your daily weight change in the log view and we increased the precision in the goal weight screen.

Finally, we changed the name of our ad-supported version to ”Weight Diary Lite”.

Thanks! We look forward to hearing from you and reading your amazing reviews on the App Store.