Home Contents v5

We just released the 5th major version of our popular home inventory app so thanks to everyone who has supported Home Contents over the past 7 years!

The major highlights of this version include support for the iPhone X and Face ID, options to show all item photos and categories in reports, new smart categories for tracking warranties, paste PDF receipts as photos, the ability to duplicate items and numerous small bug fixes and improvements. Whew!


RIP Withings... Hello Nokia Health

Withings has become Nokia Health so version 6.3 will require customers with Withings/Nokia scales to go into the settings and re-enable Nokia Health syncing.

We love our Withings scales and are very much looking forward to seeing the new products that Nokia will be releasing.


Happy 6th Version

Our 6th major release of Weight Diary has just hit the app store. The app has been updated for iOS 10 and we have added some great new features.

First there is an automatic backup feature that backs up your weight data to iCloud Drive. We will keep up to seven of your most recent backups so you can rest assured your data is safe in the Cloud and can be accessed from any other device easily. You can also manually backup and restore your data from iCloud Drive.

We also added the ability to set a custom starting weight. You simply choose the date that you want to start from and the total loss/gain calculations will be calculated from your chosen date.

Rounding out the new features is the ability to see your daily weight change in the log view and we increased the precision in the goal weight screen.

Finally, we changed the name of our ad-supported version to ”Weight Diary Lite”.

Thanks! We look forward to hearing from you and reading your amazing reviews on the App Store.


Nutrients + Apple Health = Awesome!

Nutrients 1.2 was just released. A small version number with big changes.

The main feature in this version is Apple Health. In this version you can sync all your food, calories and nutrient data to Apple Health where it can be accessed by other Apple Health apps.

Setup is also smoother with Apple Health sync and we will update your calorie target automatically as you lose weight.

Last but not least we added a kilojoules option in the Calorie Target screen for our friends down under!



Introducing Nutrients

We are proud to introduce our brand new diet and calorie tracking app - Nutrients.

Nutrients came out of our frustration with existing calorie counting apps. They all required too many steps to enter food information, had confusing screen layouts or didn't have the ability to track the percentage of fats, protein and carbs which is a key element in most diets.

Nutrients is different. Setup is simple and everything you need is accessible from the food entry screen. Adding a new food or looking up an existing food can be done is seconds - even faster when using the barcode scanning feature!

We think it makes a perfect companion app to Weight Diary and we hope that you like it.


Home Contents Free Today!

Home Contents is being featured on "App of the Evening" and will be free for one day only so grab it while you can!


Home Contents III

We know it has been a while but we are happy to announce the immediate availablility of Home Contents version 3 for iOS 8.

The app has been redesigned from the ground up. We listened to all your feedback and added features such as multiple properties, multiple currencies, warranty tracking, item counts, PDF reports, single item reports, iCloud syncing and more. If you like the improvements please leave us a nice review on the App Store!


Back by Popular Demand

Version 4.1 has just been released. We didn't realize how important having a separate passcode was for many of you so this version restores the passcode functionality and supercharges it with Touch ID support. (so please updated your App Store reviews!)


Version 4.0

Weight Diary 4.0 is out with Health app syncing and support for the new iPhone 6. The app has been refined and updated for iOS 8. Your support and reviews are appreciated and allow us to continue updating and improving Weight Diary. Thank you.

Update: As some of you have noticed we removed the passcode option in version 4.0. Changes in iOS 8 broke that feature but we are looking into bringing it back and updating it to use Touch ID. For now please use the built-in system passcode to protect your data.


New Languages

We recently had a very successful promotion with "App of the Day" where Weight Diary was free for a day. We had a tremendous response and it prompted us to try and get Weight Diary translated into more languages.

We launched German, Spanish and Russian last week and put out a call for translators. The response was great so there will be a new crop of languages coming soon. We prefer to work with individuals because we want to make sure each translation is done properly. After the next update if you still don't see your language please get in touch as we would love to work with you to make it happen.