Fitbit API Problems

Fitbit made some API changes this week to address security issues and this has broken some apps including ours. We were not warned of these changes and are looking into them.

It will take some time to resolve and a new version of the app will need to be submitted to the App Store so it will likely be several weeks at the earliest before we can issue a fix.

Sorry for the inconvenience to our Fitbit customers.



Gotta Graph 'em All

*Whew* It's been a busy month here and version 3.3 has just been submitted to the App Store...

This version brings a new full-screen graph mode that shows all your weight entries in a single graph which is something quite a few of you have been asking for. In addition we tweaked the other graph modes so they now match the values shown in the summary view.

We also fixed a rare bug where the app would get stuck in landscape mode and a crash in the calendar popdown. Finally, if you use Fitbit Wifi scales and want more than the last month of weight entries imported then unlinking and relinking your Fitbit account will fix that issue.


The Future of Weighing

We purchased a new digital scale last week. Our old one didn't seem to be very accurate so we splurged for an all singing, all dancing Withings Smart Body Analyzer. It is a WiFi scale that uploads your data to a Withings account.

The scale automatically recognizes different family members and measures your weight, body fat, heart rate, and even temperature/CO2 levels in your house. The scale works flawlessly and we haven't missed a weigh-in since getting it.

The only problem was it was hard to keep all these numbers in our heads and then transfer them to Weight Diary. So we did what any good app developer would do and promptly added Withings sync support to our app so your weight data is automatically added the next time you launch Weight Diary.

While we were at it we also added support for Fitbit WiFi Scales. However, a warning for our UK customers. The Fitbit app doesn't display stones correctly so we are interested to hear your experience with this scale.


Welcome (back) to the Dark Side

Lots of people told us how much they liked the new design of the app. Thanks.

However, a few of you were really missing the dark look of the original so in 3.1 we have added back the classic theme as a bonus for our loyal paying customers.

We also incorporated your other feedback such as bringing back the gridlines and trend difference in the landscape graph, a start of week setting and dots in the calendar view for days that have notes, a better alert when changing past weights, less white space in the log view and other small improvements.

Finally, a big thanks to our french customers. The completely new translation in version 3 helped us break into the top 10 for health and fitness in France. Merci!


Weight Diary 3.0 for iOS7


Over the last year we've completely redesigned Weight Diary from the ground up with a new clean design that will look right at home in iOS7.

We've taken all your feedback and made our app even simpler to use with new ways to see your progress. The date slider let's you easily switch dates and view your past progress. We've also added new options for scales that don't use decimals.

Paid customers get the ability to track fat percentage and custom notes to their daily entries.

Thanks to our French customers for your patience. Your support has allowed us to have our app professionally translated so say bye to Google translation. Merci beaucoup!

As always we always appreciate your App Store reviews and feedback.


iOS 6 and iPhone 5 updates

GREAT NEWS! We just released new versions of Weight Diary and Home Contents. These updates add support for the larger 4-inch screen on the iPhone 5 and new iPod touch.

Again, I would like to thank everyone for giving us great reviews on the App Store. It is nice to hear your stories of how our app has help many of you achieve your weight loss goals. They are truly inspirational and we are glad that we could help. Keep up the good work!



Weight Diary 2.1 is here. In response to your feedback we changed the way the weight loss is computed. We now use your actual weight instead of the average which should be less confusing.

For paid customers we now allow you to customize the BMI range that is displayed. We also added a calorie calculator so you can work out your daily calorie requirements based on your age, weight, activity level and gender.

Last but not least we have added French language support. We hand translated everything aside from the help so if you spot any errors let us know. If there is sufficient interest then we can invest more in translation and consider other languages for future updates.

As always thanks for your support and feel free to leave us reviews on the app store if you like our apps.


App Store Reviews

We really like app reviews because they help us get noticed on the app store. Without your reviews we would not be able to update and improve our apps.

However, app reviews are not the place to post issues or bugs. Apple does not provide a way for app developers to contact or respond to reviewers so if you post a problem in an app store review we won't be able to help you. We make it super easy for you to contact us from within our apps and will do our best to resolve any issues sent our way.


Weight Diary 2.0

Weight Diary 2.0 has just been released. You told us you really like the simplicity so we've been very careful to preserve this as we add new features. Some of these features are only available in the paid version so it is a good time to upgrade and ditch the ads. 

There is a new optional badge that  shows the number of days since you last weighed. We found that little red badge provides just the right amount of guilt to get us back on on the scales after a day of indulgence!

The new goal calculator is a great way to set your weekly and daily targets and shows the relationship between weight loss and calories more clearly.

We also added a new visual BMI scale so you can check your body-mass-index at a glance.

Tilt your phone sideways to see the new full-screen graph view. Drag with one or two fingers to explore your past weight entries or calculate your weight loss between any two dates.

New date selector… new color theme… data import and backups using email, iTunes or Dropbox… unlimited weight entries…

Thanks to everyone who took the time to email us. Every new feature was added in response to your feedback.


It's Finally Here

Home Contents 2.0 has just been released! We think the app really shines on the iPad and makes good use of the bigger screen. Check out the app store for the full list of changes. iOS 5 only. We also updated our website so we hope you like the new look.

As always if you have any issues with the update please don't hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to help you.