Very exciting news. Weight Diary has reached the top 10 in the Health & Fitness category for paid apps in the UK app store and was just outside the top 200 paid apps overall in the UK store! A big thanks to everyone who is supporting us and I hope we are helping everyone achieve their New Years resolutions. Thanks to all those who left us great reviews too!

P.S. Please tell all your US friends so we can repeat this success there and help them too. ;-)



Thanks to everyone who left us nice reviews on the App store! We really appreciate it and it motivates us to keep improving our apps.

We have a big update in the works for Home Contents which is pretty exciting but won't be out for a little while longer. In the meantime if you haven't updated to iOS 5 it is a good time to jump in as Home Contents 2.0 will only run on iOS 5 and will take advantage of many of the new features.


Weight Diary and Weight Diary Free

We recently ran a limited time free download of Weight Diary to celebrate the release of Home Contents. The demand was good so we decided to offer both a paid and free version. They are exactly the same except the free version is ad-supported.

At the same time we updated the app to add a new summary view that shows your progress over time. We also added a new help entry, choice of two color themes, and some handy links under settings. *hint* It is now easier than ever to rate our apps!



Hi and thanks to everyone who downloaded our apps.

Remember if you like our apps then please leave us a review on the app store so we can keep making great apps.

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