Food Tracking Simplified

Introducing Nutrients & Calories.

The easiest way to track your calories and macronutrients - carbs, protein and fats.

Our clear, easy-to-use interface streamlines the food tracking process.

New foods can be entered in seconds using our custom keypad which includes support for different food units and the ability to perform simple calculations and fractions.

Foods you have eaten before can be recalled instantly using our custom barcode scanner or by searching your recent food items right from the food entry screen.

Our step-by-step setup process will work out your calorie requirements based on your diet and weight loss goal. Sync your food, calories and macronutrients to the iOS Health app and have your target calories updated automatically as your weight changes.

Preset nutrient ratios for many common diets are included as well as support for 5:2 and fasting diets.

The built-in food database contains thousands of common foods items from the USDA nutrient database.

Nutrients also uses barcode search for looking up nutritional information for unrecognized barcodes.

OpenFoodFacts is a collaborative project to gather information and data on food products from around the world. Search results vary by country and the project is open to anyone who would like to contribute using the Open Food Facts app and website. See for details.

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